Two things are important when on the job; signal strength and battery life. Maintaining the batteries for your portable radios is more than just charging them every day or two. Conditioning the battery for your two-way radio as it charges will extend the longevity of your batteries.

Having the right charging station for your portable radio will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. While your portable radio battery is being charged, the charging bay is looking for shorted or otherwise faulty cells. Then, after the battery is charged, it maintains the charge without overcharging giving you the piece of mind that you’ll always have a fully functional and charged battery for your portable radio.

Richcom warranties the battery to be free of defects related to materials and workmanship and maintains it will meet a minimum 80% of rated capacity for 24 months.

Completely flexible multi-bay chargers –  up to 6 bays Slide n’ Lock system forms perfect connection One minute to connect bays together Charge different radios and chemistry’s. Charge 3.7V to 12V batteries Reduce operational cost Short, Polarity, Current, Temperature and other protections.