With over two decades of proven results in the field, P25 is the answer to many interoperability concerns. When there is a need for multiple segments of a county or organization to seamlessly and efficiently communicate, a P25 two-way communication system is a way that can happen. 

One of the complaints many public safety committees have about a P25 system is the cost. While the cost of a p25 Trunking (or Conventional) was more on the high side, in recent years, the price rivals that of standard digital two-way systems.  

Something to consider is, many Federal and State grants require P25 compliance. This in itself can be enough of a reason to make the switch. Also, the multi-vendor compatibility means you are free to add different brands of radios to the system without worrying about glitches or partially working features.


Kenwood offers a wide variety of P25 two-way radio models, both mobile and portable styles. The mobile two-way radios offer features to customize the installation for any situation. Dual remote heads on a single unit allow for multiple users access to a single radio.  Some models have Bluetooth, GPS, and micro-SD card slots for expanding the memory of the unit.

EF Johnson

EF Johnson is the only company fully licensed to work with the Motorola SMARTNET®/SmartZone® systems without  limitations.