Portable two-way radios are far more than a walkie-talkie. These powerful, compact communication devices are the workhorse of the public safety and government agencies. When leaving your vehicle, you need great reception, noise cancellation, easy to use, mission critical equipment.

A portable two-way radio doesn’t have the power of the mobile two-way radio that you would have in your vehicle. The portables are meant for on-person communications. If you need the power, you can link your portable to your mobile using an in-vehicle portable repeater.


Kenwood NEXEDGE portable radios have features such as mixed digital and FM analog operation to help with interoperability among departments. Some units offer Bluetooth and larger color displays to make communication easier while in the field.

EF Johnson

EF Johnson portable radios have industry-leading noise cancellation making them ideal for loud mission critical environments. Some have top displays making it much easier to see when wearing your portable in a holster.